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We did a fair amount of research before settling on using Contract Security for our new building. We are glad we did. The cost of the system was well within expected margins, with no hidden charges cropping up.

They were fast, efficient and professional with the somewhat complicated installation of the security system we required. We needed the building divided into three security areas, with internal locks between the various areas and cameras set up in strategic locations throughout the premise. They were patient and gracious throughout the training process and very kind with our setting off the alarms regularly while we struggled to learn how to use the system effectively. The setting and releasing of the security system is actually not complicated at all, but we were all new at it and needed "security for dummies". Despite a number of embarrassing failures, the contact team was invariably polite and understanding.

Over the passage of time as we have required system resets, upgrades and security cards we have found that Contract Security continues to respond in a timely and professional manner. We would highly recommend these professionals to anyone in need of security services.

Joy Matthews
General Manager
Sitefinders Group of Companies


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