Security Solutions
Mountain View Credit Union

If you're looking for a security company that can cover you, take care of you, and meet all of your needs, then Contract Security Inc. is the one to deal with. As a financial institution, security is of the utmost importance to Mountain View Credit Union. There has never been a doubt about the knowledge level of the people at CSI from the first meeting, to when installations were completed. We utilize both their CCTV equipment and monitoring services in many locations and have found their level of service to be over and above what is required. If there's a problem, they are available, either on their way or just a phone call away for help – dependability like that is hard to find these days and I'm proud to say that we are affiliated with a company such as Contract Security Inc.

Having dealt with their company at all levels, I would highly recommend them for business or commercial projects. They are professional, courteous, friendly, efficient, and a lot of fun to work with!

Cindy Rock
System Support Analyst
Mountain View Credit Union


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