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Industrial, Manufacturing and Oil & Gas facilities continue to grow across the West. Contract Security Inc. has a great deal of expertise working in each field and supports each industry fully. From fire and burglar alarm monitoring to complex CCTV systems with explosion proof cameras, we offer a wide array of products and services designed for specific industries.

Systems include effective entrance control to lab facilities, access doors, remote buildings, and sensitive areas such as human resources or document storage rooms. Further integration can facilitate control of production lines, industrial equipment, or interfacing with time and attendance systems. Industrial security systems can be designed to include:

  • Access control systems to grant/restrict access to defined areas
  • Security systems designed to protect people, facilities and assets
  • Surveillance systems to monitor industrial activities/processes
  • Monitoring of health, safety and environmental concerns

Other popular features include the ability to provide photo identification systems for staff, guests, and contractors of the facility. Call Contract Security Inc. We will work with you to control access, protect your assets and help ensure the safety of your staff, and your visitors to site.

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